Resources for Children Coping with Divorce

One of the primary benefits of going through mediation rather than the traditional litigation route is that it fosters a more cooperative environment that is extremely beneficial for children who are also coping with divorce with you. Children in a divorce can be deeply affected when their parents choose to separate, just as their parents often are, in terms of stress, worry and fear of impending changes. A divorce mediator is trained to help promote an environment of safety and to assist parents in talking with their children to help them express their own fears and desires. A mediator trained in family therapy and family dynamics can provide resources for parents and children coping with divorce to help them understand how their lives will change and how an impending parenting plan will impact them.

Rather than using children as weapons in a battle for custody in court, divorce mediation gives parents the opportunity not only to work with mediators and lawyers to put together the best parenting plan for both parents as well as for the children, but also to be strong role models for their children. This goes a long way in allaying the fears that children in a divorce may have and in continuing a loving and supportive relationship with your children in the years ahead.

Putting the best interests of children first is the foundation to an effective parenting plan. Couples work with a divorce mediator to put together the best parenting plan that meets the specific needs of their children are likely to continue to cooperate after the divorce. This benefits their children immeasurably, giving them a feeling of security even though the original family unit has been restructured.

Our New York divorce mediators can help couples with an objective and knowledgeable body of experience to work from, which is a great resource for all involved.


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