The Stay At Home Mom — Entering the Workforce After Divorce

advice for stay at home moms entering workforce after divorce

Stay at home Mom’s, divorce and divorce mediation have unique needs.

Advice for The Stay At Home Mom Entering the Workforce After Divorce.

Have you stayed at home with your children throughout your marriage?

After a divorce, the financial and practical responsibility of taking care of yourself and your children can seem overwhelming. As you contemplate entering the workforce for the first time after being a stay-at-home mom, take the process one step at a time. Instead of focusing on finding employment as an insurmountable task, lay out a step by step plan for the future after divorce. While your résumé may not have recent job experience, employers are also interested in skill sets and interests. Career coaches are available to turn those experiences and skills into a marketable employment profile and résumé.

You are not alone in the process of finding employment as a stay-at-home mom after divorce and should utilize your contacts to help you attain employment. Word-of-mouth may help you find viable employment opportunities. Often religious and community organizations offer support groups for people going through the emotional stages of divorce and may also off job resources as well. You may want to consider a return to school to complete a certificate or skills program to upgrade your skills to fit today’s market. If you were in a profession prior to being the primary caretaker, reach out to professional associations in your field. Search the Internet for employment opportunities.

With the challenges and changes that a divorce and re-entry into the workforce bring, you need to remember to confidently prepare a comprehensive plan that will move you away from the pain of divorce to become more independent financially and to provide new opportunities for your future.

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