Welcome to Long Island’s New York Divorce Mediation Group. If you and your spouse are thinking about a divorce or legal separation but want to avoid an emotionally unsatisfying and costly battle, then divorce mediation can accomplish your goals. Guided by trained and unbiased attorney/mediators, divorce mediation is a less costly, more amicable approach to divorce or separation. There is a better way to divorce, and it is known as divorce mediation.

Rather than use two separate expensive family lawyers or divorce attorneys, you and your spouse can benefit from the calmer and quicker path of Divorce Mediation.

Divorce Mediation is easier on you, less stressful on the children of divorce and a less costly process, potentially saving your family tens of thousands of dollars.

Mediation is easier on you, less stressful on the children

At Long Island’s New York Divorce Mediation Group, LLC, we offer our divorce mediation services as a smarter alternative to costly divorce court proceedings for those couples in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties who are planning to legally separate or divorce.

Mediate with Attorneys and Therapists

In a non-adversarial, caring, structured and comfortable atmosphere our specially trained divorce mediators will help you reach a mutually satisfactory agreement that is tailored to meet your family’s unique needs.

Our divorce mediators understand well that ending a marriage can be an extremely difficult process. At New York Divorce Mediation Group we are dedicated to helping you identify and resolve all issues relating to your legal separation and divorce including the following:

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a smarter alternative to a costly divorce attorney because of the substantial savings in time and money that it affords you. In addition, divorce mediation allows you to solve your property and custody issues in a less stressful, private, confidential manner, guided by professional attorney / mediators who have extensive experience in both family law and counseling and sensitivity to all issues surrounding the legal separation and divorce process. We would like to answer any questions you might have. All calls are confidential and initial phone consultations are free.

Call us for a no-obligation, confidential consultation today at (516) 749-5017 or e-mail us at: info@nydivorcemediate.com.
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