Parents With Children Considering Divorce or Separation

At Long Island’s New York Divorce Mediation Group our mediators are dedicated to helping you, as parents, become decision-making partners in dealing with all issues related to the needs and well being of your children during this often stressful period in all of your lives.

Children will often be confused, fearful, hurt or anxious during the separation and divorce period. They may become worried about the emotional well being of their parents or about how the day-to-day structure of their own lives will change.

Our mediators are dedicated to helping you in dealing with all issues related to the needs and well being of your children, whether you are in Nassau, Suffolk or Queens counties.

Our divorce mediation team has not only an expertise in Matrimonial and Family Law but also training in psychology and family therapy, which affords us a special understanding of and sensitivity to the changing dynamics of the family and the impact of divorce on both you and your children. Our Long Island divorce mediators will help provide tools and resources throughout the mediation process while assisting in creating a mutually satisfactory parenting plan. We will support you in being positive role models for your children while negotiating parenting arrangements (custody) that are specifically tailored to you and your childrens’ unique needs, schedules and activities.

It is well recognized that couples who can work together respectfully to mediate their own separation and divorce will be more likely to maintain a healthy working relationship for the benefit of and in the best interests of their children in the years ahead.

We look forward to answering any of your questions confidentially.

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