Divorce Mediation

The divorce mediation process begins by helping couples identify and resolve all issues surrounding the dissolution of their marriage in a supportive and structured environment.

At New York Divorce Mediation Group our trained mediators understand well the legal, emotional and financial aspects of separation and divorce. We will help you make all mutually arrived at decisions that would otherwise be addressed in a costly and stressful litigated divorce proceeding. The Mediators at NYDMG do not represent either spouse, or act on behalf of either spouse. Mediators are neutral and solely moderate to move the couple amicably through the process. We work with couples in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties.

Several of the important issues addressed in divorce mediation are:

Identification and Division of Marital Assets and Debts
• Spousal Support (Maintenance)
Child Support
Parenting Arrangements including Custody Issues
• Health Insurance

Because our divorce mediators are attorneys, after the mediation is completed, one of our mediators will provide the following additional services:

• Prepare your Separation Agreement
• Prepare and file your Divorce Papers

At the New York Divorce Mediation Group our goal is to assist you in preserving as much of your hard earned assets as possible. We believe that mediation is a smarter alternative to a litigated separation or divorce. Costs in a litigated divorce can be extremely high since each spouse is represented by a separate attorney. Lawyers will charge each client for every phone contact they have with you or opposing counsel and for filing motions before the court. Ultimately, it is well established that the vast majority of cases result in settlement anyway. Therefore, we believe that it makes more sense to mediate the settlement which can be achieved more quickly, less contentiously and at a much lower cost.

Our mediators have training not only in law but also in counseling and have sensitivity to the stress and emotional toll the process can take on all members of the family.

For those couples with children, our mediation team will help you lay the groundwork for going forward with your lives and working together effectively as parents in the best interests of your children.

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