Cost Comparison Between Divorce and Mediation

cost of mediation vs divorce

Divorce mediation can resolve your family separation issues at a more reasonable cost to both parties.

When married couples have decided to separate or divorce, we are often asked about the financial benefits of divorce mediation over a traditional divorce. One of the most frequent topics of discussion – on both the husband’s AND the wife’s side – is the cost differences between the two options. After all the family financial situation will be changing, both parties want to preserve their financial resources and limit expenses as much as possible.

When we talk about the costs involved in mediation vs. divorce and how much less expensive those fees are when compared to a typical divorce using two lawyers and incurring the other fees associated with litigation, many inclined towards mediation see the savings as a motivating factor to choose the less costly path. While there is no “one size fits all” in these types of proceedings especially when talking about the divorce court route, here are a few guidelines for your consideration:

  • In New York, and especially on Long Island, a typical divorce will include the costs of hiring two attorneys, pre-trial motions, expert fees and the costs of a trial. ¬†Even if the case settles prior to trial, and most do, the costs can range from $20,000 to $75,000 or more.
  • Divorce mediation is a fraction of this cost because the spouses are working directly with the mediator in anywhere between 2-6 hourly sessions plus the costs of writing the agreement and preparing and filing the divorce papers.
  • Divorce mediation is not only less expensive but it is also a speedier process, and if as many say “time is money”, then being able to amicably legally divorce at far less cost is a winning¬†situation financially and emotionally.

Again these are guidelines only and are not to be considered the actual rates or fees you will experience if you choose either the divorce court route or divorce mediation. We will be happy to discuss your marriage situation, either with or without your spouse present, and disclose actual costs of our Long Island divorce mediation services during our initial free consultation.

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