The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

benefits of collaborative divorceThose couples considering ending their marriage have a new choice in how they actually dissolve the marriage. It’s called collaborative divorce.

As the name implies, collaborative divorce is all about a team approach to resolving family issues in an amicable manner. Collaborative divorce is a procedure in which the two parties agree that they will not go to court, or threaten to do so. Each spouse hires an attorney who will negotiate the terms of their divorce or separation on their behalf, but the attorneys first agree that they will not represent the spouse in court in the event settlement negotiations are unsuccessful. Agreeing to withdraw if the matter can’t be settled is the key element in collaborative divorce. It provides an incentive to settle and discourages divorce lawyers from initiating expensive and lengthy pre-trial tactics. The process is what the name suggests; it’s collaborative not adversarial.

How do you know if collaborative divorce is right for you and your spouse? If you both are respectful towards each other, commit to full disclosure of your assets and debts, and actively participate in a creative dialogue to reach a negotiated settlement then collaborative divorce may be good for you.

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